Treat yourself to a luxury mobile home

Would you like to build a made-to-measure luxury mobile home ? For family holidays or for a permanent residence on your own private land, NAUTILHOME offers you personalised support at every stage of your project. Between luxury and practicality, supreme comfort and functionality, NAUTILHOME’s luxury mobile homes are a guarantee of satisfaction for premium customers.

Make the mobile home your primary residence :

NAUTILHOME, the professionals of luxury furnishing

For more than 43 years, NAUTILHOME has offered unfailing quality in the design of luxury mobile homes.

Originally, our professionals were specialised in the interior design of luxury liners. Today, we place this know-how at the service of mobile home owners, who want an interior built and decorated with taste.

The services offered by NAUTILHOME are designed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients.

We use high quality materials to build modern, comfortable mobile homes with the latest insulation and energy technology.

Our experienced design team works closely with our clients to create bespoke mobile home plans that meet their needs in terms of style, functionality and budget.

We offer a wide selection of mobile home models, with unlimited customisation options to help our clients to create their ideal home.

At the dawn of a new day, NAUTILHOME reinvents itself to embody the dream of an idyllic holiday with the mobile home of tomorrow.

Our ranges for luxury mobile homes

In order to guide you in the design of your tailor-made mobile home, we offer 3 different ranges. Each range consists of luxury mobile homes with specific options:

  • The Lodge range is a spacious range of multi-frame mobile homes that you can customise. This range allows you to design a mobile home that can be set up on a private plot. From 2 to 10 people, with a surface area of between 58 and 166 m², you can choose from many options. Notably for the distribution of the rooms and the installation of a panoramic or central lounge.
  • The Cocon range is a comfortable range involving single-frame mobile homes designed with a passion for luxury and elegance. From 2 to 10 people, with a surface area of between 40 and 50 m², you also have a very wide choice of construction plans.
  • Finally, the third range of mobile homes is for professionals, to create offices or luxury work spaces in a mobile home. With the help of our design office, you can design your own customised mobile home with your own requirements.

French craftsmanship for your made-to-measure mobile home

At NAUTILHOME, luxury is applied to the choice of materials. We only work with reliable, high-performance raw materials, so that we can offer you all the necessary guarantees. Our modern equipment is state-of-the-art, as is our taste in decoration.

In Mayenne, in the Pays-de-la-Loire region, our design office selects local, experienced partners who have a taste for well-done work. Our professionals follow your project from A to Z, to ensure you receive personalised support at every stage. From the design of customised plans to the choice of options, opt for the art of French made-to-measure with NAUTILHOME.