Do you want to live in a comfortable mobile home? Do you need a tailor-made mobile home to make it your main residence ?

Nautilhome is the first choice manufacturer of custom mobile homes for your projects! We pride ourselves on offering unique and exclusive designs to meet the needs of each of our customers.

Our personalised design process ensures that each Nautilhome mobile home is a reflection of its owner’s personality and needs. From the very beginning of our collaboration, the Nautilhome design office is a true partner at your side.

We work closely with each client to understand their wishes and needs. This information is used to create a design plan that meets all their requirements. Opt for a tailor-made mobile home, for a main residence adapted to your needs !

All the advantages of a tailor-made mobile home as your main residence

Why choose a custom-built mobile home as your main residence? The advantages of Nautilhome creations are numerous.

Firstly, our mobile homes are designed for practicality. They are generally much smaller than a traditional house, which makes them easier to maintain.

They are also equipped with modern features to suit your taste, such as a fully equipped kitchen, sanitary facilities and state-of-the-art electronics, for comfortable living.

Finally, custom-built mobile homes allow a great deal of freedom to personalise. You can choose the materials, colours, dimensions and equipment of your mobile home according to your desires, to create a living space that looks like you.

A mobile home with a tailor-made design

Every customer is unique: that’s why we offer unlimited customisation options for our tailor-made mobile homes. Roofing, colours, cladding, finishes, equipment…

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, a wooden deck or a panoramic lounge, we can do it. Nautilhome’s experienced designers take into account all your ideas and wishes to create a mobile home that perfectly meets your needs.

The use of high quality materials

With Nautilhome, discover all the benefits of French craftsmanship for your main residence!

We use only the highest quality materials to build our mobile homes.

Our experienced team of professionals ensures that each stage of the construction process is followed with care and precision, always in accordance with the established specifications.

A unique French know-how

The design and construction of our unique mobile homes is based above all on a network of French partners, to offer you all the guarantees in terms of durability and resistance.

Steel panels, wooden cladding and double-glazed windows: opt for a state-of-the-art mobile home and save energy.

An impeccable customer service

Finally, at Nautilhome we are committed to providing superior customer service to our premium customers.

We have a dedicated team available to answer all our clients’ questions and needs.

From the design to the delivery of your custom-built mobile home, our design office and our experts are there to support you in your project.

Nautilhome, the ideal manufacturer for the construction of your mobile home as a main residence

When it comes to designing and building your mobile home as a primary residence, Nautilhome is the expert.

Take advantage of our experts’ tailor-made designs, and choose professionals who listen and react quickly. From the drafting of your specifications to the delivery of your luxury mobile home, we are the partners you need.

Treat yourself to a tailor-made, fully equipped mobile home and enjoy a life of great comfort in your new main residence !