With over 43 years of experience, NAUTILHOME is proud to offer you a wide selection of high quality new mobile homes. Designed to meet your needs and tastes, our models are stylish, comfortable and equipped with the latest technology.

We have a variety of models to suit all needs and budgets, from standard models to luxury mobile homes. With sizes ranging from 40 to 300 square meters and more, there is something for everyone.

Our range of new mobile homes includes two, three and four bedroom models, with fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms, air-conditioning and other facilities for the whole family. We are also happy to offer customisation options to ensure your new mobile home reflects your image.

Choose colours, materials, cladding, equipment and more to create the mobile home of your dreams.

All the advantages of a new mobile home

For your permanent residence on a private plot or for a second home: nothing beats the satisfaction of buying a new mobile home. Especially when it comes to NAUTILHOME mobile homes, which are unique and entirely custom-made creations. Discover all the advantages of such an investment, which is profitable in the long term.

Access to the latest equipment

The first advantage of buying a new mobile home is that you can count on the latest technology. From the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living room to the bedrooms : your new mobile home offers you access to the latest technology, for optimum comfort.

Heating, single-flow ventilation, comfortable bedding, double basins, towel dryer, washing machine, fireplace, gas or induction hobs, bathtub… With NAUTILHOME’s made-to-measure creations, opt for increased comfort in all the rooms of your mobile home.

Save energy

To ensure the satisfaction of our premium customers, we use only the latest materials and high-performance insulation. These guarantees, coupled with the installation of environmentally responsible equipment, allow you to make significant savings on your energy bills.

Not to mention that the construction of a mobile home offers you all the necessary assurances in terms of durability and longevity of the equipment. Your new mobile home is a real long-term investment: opt for a profitable and durable mobile home with NAUTILHOME.

Enjoy trendy and unique designs

There’s nothing better to feel at home, even on holiday, than a trendy decoration. At NAUTILHOME, we have a taste for beautiful things : we offer mobile homes with elaborate decorations, in line with current trends. Aesthetics and functionality are the order of the day in all our custom-made creations. All you have to do is choose the colours and finishes, and let our decorators’ creativity run wild.

Choose a mobile home fully adapted to your needs

Whether in terms of equipment or decoration, you can personalise your NAUTILHOME mobile home according to your tastes and preferences.

Choose safety with NAUTILHOME

When you buy a new mobile home, you benefit from the NAUTILHOME manufacturer’s warranties which cover any manufacturing or material defects.

NAUTILHOME, the mobile home builder for all your projects

For holidays or for a permanent residence, NAUTILHOME puts its know-how at your service. Choose a new, tailor-made mobile home, perfectly suited to your expectations and your budget. With NAUTILHOME, bring your idyllic holiday dreams to life in premium comfort !