Are you looking for a new mobile home ? Do you want to buy a mobile home as your main or second home ? NAUTILHOME has the answer to all your needs and budgets.

With over 43 years of experience, we design and build your new mobile home. For 2 to 10 people, with specific requirements and a room layout that meets your needs: choose to build your new mobile home, for all budgets!

NAUTILHOME, the design of your custom-made mobile home

At NAUTILHOME, we have one goal: to make you feel at home, even on holiday.

That’s why we offer you the construction of tailor-made mobile homes, according to your needs and your budget.

With the help of our design office, you develop a specific specification that allows you to define your expectations. This is the first step towards the realisation of your construction project.

Whether you want to build a holiday home with your family or a second home on private land: with NAUTILHOME, you make the choice of quality.

We offer several ranges of mobile homes to help you define your expectations. You are thus guided in your choices, while retaining total freedom.

With the help of NAUTILHOME, you can create the mobile home of your dreams. Depending on your budget, your needs, your wishes in terms of comfort and your environment, we will draw up a suitable proposal.

Opt for the support of a team of enthusiasts, with NAUTILHOME !

A long-term investment

Much more than a simple residence, NAUTILHOME creations are real ways of living. It is the realization of your construction project.

You have control over the layout of the rooms, the different equipment and the level of comfort you want. Thanks to its long experience in the interior design of luxury liners, NAUTILHOME is able to make suggestions. Your new mobile home is a real investment in happiness. And a long-term investment that guarantees your satisfaction!

Cost control

The cost of buying a luxury mobile home is generally lower than that of a traditional house: it allows you to have a quality property for a reasonable budget.

In addition, by choosing a tailor-made home that meets your specific needs, you avoid the additional costs of subsequent renovations or modifications to adapt the home to your requirements. Make the choice of a long-term investment, and ensure your long-term happiness.

A new and durable mobile home

All NAUTILHOME creations are the expression of the quality of French craftsmanship. We base our constructions on quality materials, with high-performance insulation and the latest equipment.

Our network of partners is based in France, in order to provide you with all the necessary guarantees in terms of reliability and durability. Choose elegance, distinction and practicality with the original NAUTILHOME creations.